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Lionsgate soovib häid pühi!

Lionsgate edastas oma vaatajatele digitaalse jõuluteemalise kaardi, mida saad liikuvana näha SIIN. Kas pole mitte lahe?
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As an archer takes her tools/supplies, so I would craft a body-portable sppluy bag of rain proof material and include materials to make bullet/arrow proof vest, head bonnet with mask and maybe even a snake resistant pant, including 100 long thick heavy needles (I have some upwards of 5-6 inches, material for rain proof camoflauge, rolls of insulation, thick rope-like threads, multi duty scissors (also cuts cans, etc), Super Max Xacto knife, steel ruler, sand paper, itty bitty book light with cover, a kindle downloaded with multiple survival guides and patterns for creating traps. I would locate myself up in a tree with traps all around it, sewing a mat of upward needs at the bottom of the pit, covered with branches and camoflauge cover. I would use the long thick needles to also fashion a posonous dart and tie one for a long spear and with my string rope and branch make a bow, coupled with arrows made with other needles. I would then sew a pouch that would hold them on my body ready to grab and fire at any time. I would hope to locate in a tree that produced nuts or fruit and tie on my body another pouchy or packet to hold food supplies and drank. A journey type pattern would be good to sew the camoflauge (bullet proof) vest so that I could carry everything I need on my body to stay portable and agile, being careful to locate items in balance and streamlined. I would also fashion a camoflauged type umbrella headgear that would get me through a night in the tree. not to mention including first aid supplies in one of my vest pouches as well as pepper spray for animal protection (Animal muzzle spray). I would pray for guidance and direction but probably keep my eyes open while I did ! Ha!

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