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Töötlus: Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellarkina?

Joshi tumedad juuksed ja pruunid silmad on asendatud Peeta siniste silmade ja heledate kiharatega. Tulemus jäi küllaltki peetalik, ent üha rohkem sooviks näha ametlikke pilte Peetast (ja ka teistest tegelastest)!

Autoriks on kasutaja TheFireyMockingjay @tumblr
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we hated them? Frankly I find the stupidity here on this site reahtr entertaining. It always amuses me when Perez hilton wannabes make bs nonsensical articles. Yes and their opinion is nonsensical, poorly supported, nothing but here say and frankly idiotic drivel coming out if the words of an invalid. Well that isn't so much an opinion as it is general fact. e2809cReally productive.e2809dEh it's something to do. e2809cYoue28099re right, you arene28099t lacking a hobby because this is your hobby.e2809dNow you're catching on. It's good to know that even the last horse can cross the finishing line :).e2809c A fucking lame hobby.e2809dIf thats the case then why are YOU responding to us then? In support of your idiocy ridden site? But its a LAAAAME Hobby riiight? moron e2809cYoue28099re so butthurt because they were hating on your favorite celebrity.e2809dI thought you said they didn't hate on them. You know when you put e2809cHatee2809d in quotations. Now you are saying they are? Which one is it? Do they hate them or not? You can't even make up your mind on what hate is? Gosh you are stupid. e2809cGo cry about it to people that give a shit.e2809dHence why you responded right? Seems like you care enough to garner us with another response right Jammy jam? :)e2809cOh and your double post was cute Miss Common Sense. Should be Lacking common sense :)e2809dWell I figured it would be nice to give you the post twice seeing as how your kind generally misses the point the first time. I was actually doing you a favor. Then again your unoriginal jab at my user name is a good indication of your lack luster intelligence smile but good try though wink Kinda like right now wink

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